• A Tunnel of Trees

Illick’s Mill is located in Monocacy Park, the largest park in the City of Bethlehem. The park is built around Monocacy Creek, a popular fishing spot, and also includes the Monocacy Way nature trail that runs from Illick’s Mill past Burnside Plantation and into historic downtown Bethlehem.


The Upper Monocacy Way spans from Illick’s Mill to the Burnside plantation. This section as shown left, includes the Monocacy Way trail, along with the Creekside Trail, a dead-end trail that follows the Monocacy Creek, and the Monocacy Off Leash Recreation Area. On the other side of Illick’s Mill road, the side where Illick’s Mill is located, additional trail and picnicking areas are available for visitors year round.

The Appalachian Mountain Club‘s Mid-Atlantic office is located at the mill. AMC offers a range of outdoor activities for all ages and skill levels here at Monocacy Park, but also in the broader Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Join us for outdoor adventures including hiking, paddling, snowshoeing, skiing, backpacking, camping, and more. To learn more, visit the website of the AMC Delaware Valley Chapter.



The Lower Monocacy Way spans from the Burnside Plantation to W. Union Blvd. in Bethlehem City. Explore the beautiful garden and barns of the 5 acre plantation, and then make your way toward Bethlehem City on the shaded wooden walkways featured in the gallery above. Bethlehem’s Colonial Industrial Quarter lies around the corner after crossing W. Union Blvd.

Visitors may visit the Colonial Industrial Quarter of the city and visit “America’s first industrial park” which is home to a grist mill, tannery, spring house, and other structures. Tours are available on the weekends Friday-Sunday. After passing through the Colonial Industrial Quarter, the trail passes the 165 mile long D&L trail which wanders along the Lehigh Canal to Bethlehem’s Sand Island Park. The trail stretches from Monocacy Park to Sand Island, but trail users looking for some more adventure can easily wander into downtown Bethlehem or hop on the D&L trail. (Map from W Union Blvd. to Sand Island to follow shortly)